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Track-Etched Membranes Repel Droplets Quickly & Resist Most Chemicals

Venting solutions
Avoid serious consequences of poorly ventilated chemical containers with Oxyphen track-etched membrane vents that resist most chemicals and quickly repel droplets that can clog.

When containers are filled with active formulations but not ventilated properly, serious consequences could occur — including bloated or collapsed containers, damaged labeling and costly cleanups from leakages. Regardless if containers are stored, transported or distributed, Oxyphen’s unique track-etched membrane solutions are welded or press-fitted into your caps & closures to reliably address this ventilation issue. These naturally smooth membrane surfaces, which are resistant against most chemicals and formulations on the market, quickly repel droplets that can clog the functional surface area and impact operation. In addition, the pore size and pore density are customized to your flow rate and water entry pressure requirements for maximum performance. 

For specific chemical resistance requirements, please contact us to learn more about alternatively available membrane materials. 

Oxyphen complies to UN packaging legislations for dangerous goods and consequently realized related material validations at FILTRATION GROUP

  • 100% Free of PFOA: Compliant with (EC) 1907/2006 REACH / Regulation (EU) 2019/1021 POP
  • Smallest dimensions possible
  • Customized venting plugs available
  • Small tolerance range for dependable leakage tests for end of line (by air flow)​
  • Precise membrane tunability regarding airflow-rate and water entry pressure resistance​
  • High chemical resistance
  • Highly repellent self-cleaning surface ​
  • PET Track-Etched Membranes unlaminated​​
  • PET Track-Etched Membranes laminated with PET/ PP non-woven material​
  • Additional membrane materials available upon request​​

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Rollstock Membrane

Rollstock Membrane

Ideally suited for in-house and large-scale manufacturing applications, Oxyphen’s track-etched Rollstock membrane can be laminated, unlaminated, or fiber-based – supplied from polyester (PET) or polycarbonate (PC) high quality raw materials.

OxyPad Self-Adhesive Pads

OxyPad® Self-Adhesive Pads

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OxySeal® Pressure Compensation Units

OxySeal® pressure compensated venting plugs, which are available with hydrophobic or oleophobic treated membranes, can prevent the ingress of liquid, water, dust, dirt, salt, and other contaminants.

Membrane Technologies Available

Unique-Mem track-etched membranes


Unique-Mem® Unlaminated Track-Etched Membranes

Unique-Mem® track-etched membranes, available as hydrophilic or hydrophobic, are characterized by cylindrical shaped pores penetrating the membrane in different angles. They have a smooth flat surface and well-defined flow rates.

RoTrack Track-etched Membrane


RoTrac® Laminated Track-Etched Membranes

RoTrac® track-etched membranes are Unique-Mem® membranes that are supported with non-wovens (PP or PET) to create a more robust membrane. They are available as either hydrophilic or hydrophobic membranes.

Fiber-Based track-etched membranes


Fiber-Based Membranes

Fiber-based membranes are surface modified using a super-hydrophobic coating to repel water and other liquids while still allowing maximum airflow.

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