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Protect Sealed & Closed Electronics from Environmental Impacts & Overpressures

Electronics manufacturers understand the importance of protection and safety when designing their products. Venting processes are critical to the proper function of both high-tech and low-tech devices that are used every day. Whether to relieve pressure, allow for cooling, or protect housing from the external environment, vents allow the proper functioning and maximized lifespan of electronic devices requiring sealed or closed systems.

Oxyphen’s track-etched membranes are extensively used in numerous standard and customized electronic venting applications, acting as a safety pressure-release valve and providing protection against the intrusion of dust and moisture within the housing – unlike mechanical vents or physical openings. There are also no moving parts which can stick or work solely in one direction.

Electronics Sensor Housing Protection


Sensor Housing Protection

Oxyphen track-etched membrane technology can be designed to address the increasing demand for improved sensor functionality, performance, and protection.

Electronics Personal Care Device Protection


Personal Care Device Protection

Track-etched membrane solutions provide unfailing protection against water and other contaminant media for personal care devices such as electric toothbrushes, shavers, or epilators which are often used under humid or wet conditions.

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