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A Broad Spectrum of Durable Venting Solutions for Consistent, Reliable Performance

Leading consumer product manufacturers around the world rely on Oxyphen® filters and vents for their durability, consistency, and reliable performance. Leveraging our highly reproducible manufacturing capabilities, you can be confident knowing the last part off the line will be the same as the first.​

The wide range of available specifications makes it easy to find the right solution within the Oxyphen track-etched membranes portfolio​

Consumer Packaging Vents


Packaging Vents

Without proper ventilation, containers filled with active formulations can become bloated or collapsed, leading to costly cleanups caused from leakages. Oxyphen’s unique, customizable track-etched membranes are welded and press-fitted into your caps and closures to repel droplets that can clog the functional surface area and hinder performance.  

Consumer Personal Care Device Protection


Personal Care Device Protection

Track-etched membrane solutions can provide unfailing protection against water and other contaminant media for personal care devices such as electric toothbrushes, shavers or epilators which are often used under humid or wet conditions.

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