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Solve your product design challenges

Whether you want to discuss a potential product concept or fix a problem with an existing product, turn to Oxyphen to solve product design challenges in venting or filtration with our custom-engineered membrane solutions.  Through a collaborative engineering partnership with our customers, Oxyphen develops high-value solutions by applying our extensive membrane development, design, and quality manufacturing expertise. 

Explore our venting and filtration solutions to understand more about how we can help engineer custom solutions for your specific products in automotive, healthcare, and industrial markets.  Within each solution area, you will find key applications that illustrate what is possible with membrane solutions.  If you don’t see something that is relevant to your specific need, please REACH OUT TO DISCUSS YOUR APPLICATION WITH ONE OF OUR ENGINEERS to see what we can do to help.

Life Sciences

Filtration is a process that happens all around us and even inside us. We enjoy drinking water that is filtered to remove solids and other impurities, and many manufacturing processes and products utilize filters to ensure functionality, protect critical components and reduce contamination of the environment.

Oxyphen’s Unique-Mem track-etched membranes have been used for many years by global leaders in tissue engineering and pharmaceutical research as cell culture inserts due to their precise filtration capability and hydrophilicity. In addition to cell culture, our track-etched membranes have been successfully used as infusion filters for IV drug delivery to ensure precise flow control and filtration efficiency, preventing any particles from endangering the patient.

Automotive & Industrial

Venting processes are critical to the proper function of both high-tech and low-tech devices that are used everyday. Whether to relieve pressure, allow for cooling, or protect contents from the external environment, vents allow for proper functioning and maximized lifespan for electronics and other sealed or closed systems. Oxyphen membranes and membrane assemblies solve venting challenges in automotive, healthcare and industrial applications.