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Whether it be a new or existing product, Oxyphen is here to help solve your design challenges in venting or filtration applications with our standard or customized track-etched membrane solutions. It is our mission to provide an exceptional porous material design with adjustable pore sizes, pore densities, and membrane surface properties that offer the highest quality in permeability, protection, and filtration-efficiency performance for your application.

Our R&D team is equipped with the track-etched membrane expertise and experience to support your product design efforts every step of the way. Using modern infrastructure, we can ensure 100% quality control and maximum traceability for any product that leaves our facilities. In addition, we adhere to market specific regulations and hold the required certificates to ease the validation process.

To get started on learning more about our technology and the markets we serve, please explore the application pages below. Once you are ready, our team stands ready to engineer a solution specific to your needs!

Together, with you, we will make this world safer, healthier and more productive.

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sensor housing protection for Electronic devices


Sensor Housing Protection

Oxyphen track-etched membrane technology can be designed to address the increasing demand for improved sensor functionality, performance, and protection.

Personal Care Device Protection


Personal Care Device Protection

Track-etched membrane solutions provide unfailing protection against water and other contaminant media for personal care devices such as electric toothbrushes, shavers, or epilators which are often used under humid or wet conditions.

protection for automotive EV battery safety vents


EV Battery Safety Vents

The market for lithium batteries and battery packs used in automotive applications is at the core of electric mobility. To ensure their safe use, Oxyphen’s track-etched membrane solutions can be designed to provide reliable outgassing and protection against the ingress of liquids, dust, dirt and other contaminants.

automotive rada sensor protection vents


Radar Sensor Protection Vents

Automotive radar systems are the primary sensors used in adaptive cruise control and considered a critical component of autonomous driving assistance systems (ADAS), offering collision avoidance and pedestrian and cyclist detection among other lifesaving functions. Oxyphen’s track-etched membranes are assembled into their housings to assure dependable operation.  

automotive lighting vents


Automotive Lighting Vents

Efficient ventilation and protection are increasingly in demand for automotive lighting components that require adequate flow rates, cooling and moisture avoidance. Oxyphen’s distinct track-etched membrane solutions offer unmatched vapor transmission rates without sacrificing airflow performance to avoid malfunctions and reduced illumination.

consumer packaging vents


Packaging Vents

Without proper ventilation, containers filled with active formulations can become bloated or collapsed, leading to costly cleanups caused from leakages. Oxyphen’s unique, customizable track-etched membranes are welded and press-fitted into your caps and closures to repel droplets that can clog the functional surface area and hinder performance.  

cell culture inserts

Cell & Tissue

Cell Culture Inserts

Cell culture inserts are widely used for either cell growth in R&D applications and drug testing, or for in-vitro analysis. Given the wide variability in the membrane thickness and pore size needed to regulate nutrient transport, our track-etched membranes are ideal for screening or distinct cell growth projects.

Tissue Engineering

Cell & Tissue

Tissue Engineering

Using a combination of life science and engineering mechanisms, Oxyphen’s track-etched membranes can be used to develop artificial organs, skins, and tissues that address pharmaceutical, regenerative medicine, diagnostic, and research applications.

track-etched for diagnostic tests


Diagnostic Tests

Oxyphen’s track-etched membranes are of the highest precision, which is critical in diagnostic applications. Our unique filtration capabilities enable greater precision and control for more accurate and reliable testing in point-of-care, IVD, immunoassay, and other diagnostic applications.

track-etched for medical sterile filtration


Sterile Filtration

A common challenge among medical devices is the poorly designed or equipped suboptimal filtration media which can potentially spread viral particles in critical healthcare environments. Oxyphen’s track-etched membranes have extremely high VFE and BFE efficiencies to ensure patients remain safe.

track-etched membrane for medical Sterile Venting


Sterile Venting

Many patient-monitoring medical devices must be able to balance different pressures while also providing protection against the ingress of fluids and/or bacteria and viruses. Track-etched membranes can serve as a key solution to both concerns.

track-etched membrane for medical infusion pump vents


Infusion Pump Vents

Infusion devices must be protected from blockage during the filling or priming of the tube. Our track-etched membranes offer reliable venting and sterility control, eliminating the ingress of contaminants such as oil, solvents, or other liquids while also providing continuous pressure equalization.

track-etched membrane for medical infusion filters


Infusion Filters

To prevent particles from entering the human body and, more importantly, life threatening blood clots, track-etched membranes can be used with infusion filters to provide a highly tailored, optimized retention solution that is specific to the medical device and healthcare related application.

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