Diagnostic Membranes

Track-Etched Membranes Increase Diagnostic Test Accuracy & Reliability

For diagnostic devices where sensitivity and reproducibility are key, track-etched membranes can serve as a critical functional component. From point-of-care diagnostics to large-scale automated lab-testing systems, Oxyphen’s track etched membranes can be engineered with the lowest variation of pore size for greater precision and control, enabling the most efficient particle capturing, venting, and protection of your device.

Ensuring an accurate diagnosis is of the upmost importance for diagnostic device manufacturers and requires the use of membrane technology that is reliable and efficient. Oxyphen track-etched membranes show excellent results when filtering out certain analytes of saliva, blood, urine, or other targeted bodily fluids and can remove unwanted substances from a test stream. In addition, they can help to enable consistent capture and recovery of cells in closed microfluidic systems and facilitate particle retention in a testing device’s sample inlet. Backflushing also allows for reproducible sample recovery.

Oxyphen´s PET track-etched membranes are manufactured with a thin polyester film that has a high resistance to solvents. The controlled pore size and pore density make this membrane a perfect fit for blood assays or surface filtration that might contain chemical solvents.  PET membranes show a better resistance to solvents than PC (polycarbonate).​

PET membranes are naturally hydrophilic which makes additional pre-treatments or wettings in many cases unnecessary. The membrane itself is low protein binding which eliminates interferences with the assay itself. ​

For applications requiring hydrophobic membranes such as sensors in POC devices or microfluidic designs, Oxyphen also offers hydrophobic track-etched membrane vents that will not allow liquids to be drawn through and have water entry pressure ranges up to 3 bar. These membranes also provide high resistance towards pressure changes.

Oxyphen sample holder to test different membrane properties
Oxyphen sample holder to test different membrane properties (air flow, particle retention etc.). Contact us for additional details or to purchase.
  • Excellent filtration efficiency
  • High resistance to chemical solvents
  • Low protein binding which eliminates interferences with the assay
  • Lowest variation in pore size for greater precision and control to ensure reliable diagnosis
  • PET Track-Etched Membranes unlaminated​​
  • PET Track-Etched Membranes laminated with PET/ PP non-woven material
  • Additional membrane materials available upon request
Specification Unique-Mem® Track-Etched Membranes RoTrac® Track-Etched Membranes
Bandwidth (mm)
10, 13, 14.5, 20 & custom sizes
High Quality Raw Materials
PET – naturally slightly hydrophilic
PC – naturally slightly hydrophobic
PET-Membrane/ PET-Nonwoven –harder
PET-Membrane/ PP-Nonwoven – softer
Pore Size Ranges
0.1µm to 10µm
0.2µm to 3.0µm
Pore Density Ranges
105 to 109 pores per cm2
2×106 bis 3×108 pores per cm2
Thickness Ranges
8µm to 50µm
90µm to 220µm
Temperature Ranges
– 40°C and 160°C (for special application < 200°C)
– 40°C and 130°C (for special application < 160°C)
Air Flow Ranges
Up to 800 l / (bar cm2 min)
Up to 37 l / (bar cm2 min)
Hydrophilic Treatments
Various hydrophilic treatments increase water flow rate and wetting abilities of the membrane (example: PVP treatment)
Hydrophobic / Oleophobic Treatment:
Grade up to 7.5; AATCC TM 118
Salt spray resistance test2
According to IEC 60068-2-52, based on validation by the customer
Temperature resistance test1
In accordance with ISO 16750-4
Ice water shock test1&2
In accordance with ISO 16750-4
Climate resistance test
In accordance with ISO 16750-4
Chemical resistance test1
According LV124/ ISO 16750-5
IP Protection1
IP 64/65/66/67/68, according to DIN 40050

1 Testing in Progress

2 Based on Customer Validation

Highlighted Case Study

Electronic Textiles

Oxmotex AG is a research and development company dedicated to electroosmotic vapor and fluid transport, who developed revolutionary proprietary technology for electronically controlled moisture transport in membranes and textiles. As they looked to create a new innovative technology that would provide active electronically driven moisture transport, they came to Oxyphen for a track-etched membrane solution that would be responsive to changing climates, transport moisture beyond normal sweat rates, and be comfortable for the wearer.

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Rollstock Membrane Product Brochure

Learn more about Oxyphen rollstock track-etched membrane material for in-house and large-scale manufacturing integration, which can be produced laminated or unlaminated, converted into different lengths, and surface treated upon request.

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Rollstock® Membrane

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Membrane Technologies Available

Unique-Mem track-etched membranes


Unique-Mem® Track-Etched Membranes

Unique-Mem® track-etched membranes, available as hydrophilic or hydrophobic, are characterized by cylindrical shaped pores penetrating the membrane in different angles. They have a smooth flat surface and well-defined flow rates.

RoTrack Track-etched Membrane


RoTrac® Track-Etched Membranes

RoTrac® track-etched membranes are Unique-Mem® membranes that are supported with non-wovens (PP or PET) to create a more robust membrane. They are available as either hydrophilic or hydrophobic membranes.

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