EV Battery Safety Vents

Track-Etched Membrane Technology for Optimal Venting & Degassing of EV Batteries

Venting solutions
EV Battery Safety Vents
With highly controlled performance parameters, burst and vent elements for EV batteries can be manufactured with a variety of Unique-Mem track-etched membranes and can be bonded directly to the insert.

The market for high voltage lithium batteries and battery packs used in automotive applications is at the core of electric mobility, with each consisting of interlinked lithium cells. Available from 12V to greater than 800V with energy densities of more than 200 Wh/kg, these batteries must have a protection component, control features, and a last resort emergency venting and degassing mechanism in the event of overpressures.

Under extreme conditions, it is possible for damaged or malfunctioning components, short circuits, or other events to start a thermal runaway process that develops a rapidly rising pressure and, as a consequence, an explosion of that pressure. An explosion taking place within an electric vehicle can pose great danger to users as well as massive liability for the automobile manufacturer.

Addressing this concern, Oxyphen has leveraged our innovative Unique-Mem® track-etched membranes which offer reliable outgassing and protection from the ingress of liquid, dust, dirt, and other contaminants. In the event of abnormal operations, this novel membrane technology will burst at a predefined overpressure rate to ensure spontaneous high-volume gas release from the battery compartment. This game-changing solution not only protects the battery modules but can, more importantly, ensure the safety of electric vehicle users.

Oxyphen track-etched membranes are a perfect fit for this application, given their highly controlled performance parameters. Burst and vent elements can be manufactured with a variety of Unique-Mem® track-etched membranes and can be bonded directly to the insert by ultrasonic welding, laser welding or insert-molding.

  • High precision breathing and/or bursting for emergency degassing & pressure compensation in the event of thermal runaways
  • Battery housing protection against intrusion of liquids, dust and dirt (IP67 class)
  • Membrane can be bonded directly to the insert via ultrasonic welding, laser welding or insert-molding
  • 100% Free of PFOA: Compliant with (EC) 1907/2006 REACH / Regulation (EU) 2019/1021 POP
  • Punch & US-welding
  • Laser-welding
  • PET Track-Etched Membranes unlaminated​​
  • PET Track-Etched Membranes laminated with PET/ PP non-woven material
  • Additional membrane materials available upon reques

Highlighted Case Study

EV Battery Safety Vents

EV Battery Safety Vents

A manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) lithium batteries reached out to us to develop and design a hydrophobic membrane that would meet their specifications as it relates to temperature stability, air flow, water entry pressure, and constant and reliable expansion properties.

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