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Rob Carpio

President, FG Life Sciences Group

Stefan Sproll, Ph.D

Vice President and General Manager – Life Science, Oxyphen

Andreas Schneekloth Head of Automotive and Industrial at Oxyphen

Andreas Schneekloth

Vice President / General Manager – Automotive and Industrial, Oxyphen

Daniel Wolf, Head of Finance, Oxyphen

Daniel Wolf

Head of Finance, Oxyphen


Oxyphen has two manufacturing facilities – one in Germany and another in Switzerland. Both are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO TS 16 949:2008 certified and have full clean-room capability. Long-term agreements with scientific partners ensure the use of the ion beam accelerator for the beaming process.



Oxyphen GmbH – Automotive & Industrial
Industriestrasse 10
DE-79807 Lottstetten

ISO Certifications:

Oxyphen GmbH: ISO 9001:2015 EN

Oxyphen GmbH: ISO 9001:2015 DE

Oxyphen GmbH: IATF 16949:2016 EN

Oxyphen GmbH: IATF 16949:2016 DE

Oxyphen GmbH: AEOC



Oxyphen GmbH – Life Science
Giessereistrasse 1
CH-8620 Wetzikon

ISO Certifications:

Oxyphen GmbH: ISO 9001:2015 EN

Oxyphen GmbH: ISO 9001:2015 DE

Unique-Mem GmbH: ISO 9001:2015 EN

Unique-Mem GmbH: ISO 9001:2015 DE


Oxyphen GmbH was founded in 1953

With over 60 employees located in our Switzerland and Germany manufacturing facilities, Oxyphen has the resources and expertise to serve as a global leader in microporous track-etched membranes and membrane products. 

For more than two decades, Oxyphen has developed and manufactured customized membranes and membrane devices for applications in automotive, healthcare, and industrial markets. From membrane development to construction of a membrane assembly through large volume production, Oxyphen offers a complete service for our customers. 

In 1990 we established Oxyphen GmbH in Dresden, Germany and focused on the development and production of track-etched membranes made from polyester. Two years later we added the laminated track-etched membranes for industrial purposes and continued our development of microporous track-etched membranes for controlled drug release in 1993. In 2020, Oxyphen became a member of Filtration Group.  

About Filtration Group

Filtration Group is on a mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive by providing mission-critical filtration solutions that are designed to enable advanced healthcare capabilities, provide clean air, and drive productivity. Filtration Group partners with a diverse set of customers across a broad spectrum of life sciences, indoor air quality and industrial applications. Our global workforce is united by an entrepreneurial culture centered on trust, in which our leaders exhibit a bias for action. We serve our customers from 165 locations in 27 countries.

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