100% PFAS free hydrophobic coating

Offering superior water repellency.


Environmental Sustainability:

By demanding 100% PFAS-free coatings, we will significantly reduce Oxyphen’s environmental footprint.

PFAS chemicals are known to persist in the environment for extended periods, accumulating in soil, water, and wildlife. Some of these substances have been linked to harmful effects on aquatic ecosystems and human health. They have the potential to bioaccumulate in the food chain. By using PFAS-free coatings, we can prevent further pollution and minimize the long-term ecological impact.

Regulatory Compliance:

As awareness of the environmental and health risks associated with PFAS grows, regulatory bodies around the world are implementing stricter guidelines regarding their usage in non-essential applications. 

By developing 100% PFAS-free coatings, Oxyphen can ensure compliance with evolving regulations in non-essential applications and help mitigate additional impact to our environment.

It is our imperative staying ahead of the curve regarding our commitments to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices.

Consumer Confidence and Brand Reputation:

Even if upcoming regulations aren’t expected to impact your application short term, please bear in mind in an era of increased consumer consciousness and demand for eco-friendly products, offering 100% PFAS-free performance membranes can boost your client’s confidence. Brands that prioritize sustainability and safety earn a positive reputation that translates into increased customer loyalty.


PFAS and PFCs are different versions of the same concept of fluorinated chemicals (>2000 various commercially chemicals) but with different molecular structures and chemical functions. Many times, these acronyms are used interchangeably. PFAS is very heterogeneous groups and some of these PFAS are dangerous, but not all. PFOA and PFOS are two single PFAS chemicals that are known to have a cancerogenic effect and are therefore prohibited from any production since 2020.


Performance and Durability:

Our move in 2016 towards PFOA-free coatings helps drive innovation and values of our company. Oxyphen is actively exploring new materials, techniques, and formulations that provide effective alternatives to PFAS based membranes high performance in terms of hydrophobicity and oleophobicity.

Our new generation of 100% PFAS free membranes deliver excellent venting, filtration, and separation performance without compromising hydrophobic surface characteristics.

 current membrane technology from 98% to 100% PFAS-free

Next Step:

With continuous research and development, we are aiming for improved performance of our 100% PFAS-free coatings, making them a reliable and efficient choice as for instance in critical automotive safety applications that demand for moderate oleophobic membrane properties. 


The advantages of 100% PFAS-free coatings extend their immediate benefits. 

By choosing sustainable, safe, and high-performance alternatives, we safeguard the environment, protect human health, and comply with evolving regulations. 

Embracing Oxyphen’s unique coatings not only ensures a healthier future for our planet but also cultivates a culture of responsibility, innovation, and progress. Let us strive together for a world where PFAS-free coatings become the norm, leading us towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

At the same time, the critical safety applications that require oleophobicity will be still able to replace their 100% PFAS membranes with our ~99% PFAS free membranes.

For more information about our journey to make membrane solutions safer, healthier, and more productive kindly get in touch with our material experts. At Oxyphen we are happy to help you at any time.

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