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Track-Etched Membranes Deliver Accuracy, Precision, and Reproducibility

For more accurate and reliable diagnostic test performance, Oxyphen’s track-etched membrane technology can provide greater precision and control. From point-of-care (POC) diagnostics to large-scale automated lab-testing systems, in-vitro diagnostics, or rapid immunoassay applications, track-etched membranes offer repeatable and reliable surface filtration, particle capture, as well as venting and protection through their controllable pore sizes and densities.

When filtering out certain analytes of saliva, blood, or other targeted bodily fluids, Oxyphen membranes show excellent results in their filtration efficiency, removing unwanted substances from the test stream to ensure accurate analysis. Consistent capture and recovery of cells, particle retention, and backflushing are also potential key functionalities that may be desired in life science applications such as microfluidic systems, rapid tests, and sample recovery.

Track-etched membranes for Diagnostic applications


Diagnostic Membranes

Oxyphen’s track-etched membranes are of the highest precision, which is critical in diagnostic applications. Our unique filtration capabilities enable greater precision and control for more accurate and reliable testing in point-of-care, IVD, immuno assay, and other diagnostic applications.

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