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Protect & Ventilate Automotive Electronics with Tailored Membrane Solutions

In the challenging automotive environment, protection against liquids and dirt as well as reliable pressure compensations are critical to avoid damage to sensitive electronic components across the vehicle’s lifetime. Oxyphen’s automotive membrane products are designed to insure continuous functionality of critical components such as battery packs, radar sensors or lighting housings for next generation automotive designs.​

Oxyphen technologies and products comply to existing and upcoming regulations without compromising performance needs. With decades of experience in tailored venting solutions, we like to be your partner for sustainable and cost-effective solutions that you can trust on for years.

automotive EV Battery Safety Vents membranes


EV Battery Safety Vents

The market for lithium batteries and battery packs used in automotive applications is at the core of electric mobility. To ensure their safe use, Oxyphen’s track-etched membrane solutions can be designed to provide reliable outgassing and protection against the ingress of liquids, dust, dirt and other contaminants.

Automotive Radar Sensor Protection Vents


Radar Sensor Protection Vents

Automotive radar systems are the primary sensors used in adaptive cruise control and considered a critical component of autonomous driving assistance systems (ADAS), offering collision avoidance and pedestrian and cyclist detection among other lifesaving functions. Oxyphen’s track-etched membranes are assembled into their housings to assure dependable operation.  

Automotive lighting Vents


Automotive Lighting Vents

Efficient ventilation and protection are increasingly demanded for automotive lighting components that require adequate flow rates, cooling and moisture avoidance. Oxyphen’s distinct track-etched membrane solutions offer unmatched vapor transmission rates without sacrificing airflow performance to avoid malfunctions and reduced illumination.

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