Protect your housing against water and dust

How it works

Self-adhesive pad with lamination

Self-adhesive pad without lamination

To achieve more consistent and reliable ventilation, OxyPad® hydrophobic self-adhesive membrane pads can be applied easily during the production process. Our membrane pads have a circumferential adhesive and are attached along the border of a free membrane space. Various adhesives are available to meet the specific requirements of the venting application. While offered in standard sizes, customized shapes can be provided.

Key benefits

  • 100% Free of PFOA: Compliant with (EC) 1907/2006 REACH / Regulation (EU) 2019/1021 POP
  • Wide variety of customizable design options
  • Easily integrated into automatic assembly processes
  • Usable on materials where welding is no option (e.g. metals)
  • Space-saving mounting
  • Free of PFOA in accordance with REACH/POP

Technical specifications

Standard sizes

Outer Diameter [mm]5781014
Free membrane diameter [mm]2345.58

Note: Other dimensions are available on request

Available options

Temperature range, standard adhesive40 …. + 125° C
Temperature range, high-temperature
40 …. + 150° C
Hydrophobic / Oleophobic treatmentGrade up to 7.5; AATCC TM 118 (based on unprocessed membrane)
– Salt spray resistance test2According to IEC 60068-2-52; based on validation by the customer
– Temperature resistance test1In accordance with ISO 16750-4
– Ice water shock test2In accordance with ISO 16750-4
– Climate resistance test1In accordance with ISO 16750-4
– IP Protection1IP 64/65/66/67/68, according to DIN 40050

1 Testing in progress

2 Based on customer validation

Membranes for high protection level or membranes with maximum gas flow can be combined with different types of adhesive,
as specified by the requirements of the customer.

Membrane technologies available

Unique-Mem® track-etched membrane technology


RoTrac® track-etched membrane technology

Fiber Membrane

Fiber-based membrane technology

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