Hydrophobic Track-Etched Membranes



Hydrophobic Unique-Mem® Track-Etched Membranes and hydrophobic RoTrac® Track-Etched Membranes are characterized by being repellent to liquids while at the same time allowing airflow.

Functional principle

Hydrophobic track-etched membranes are used for a variety of different venting applications. In laboratories for instance our hydrophobic RoTrac® Track-Etched Membranes have been proved valuable for the ventilation of cell cultures. It has proven particularly advantageous for the hydrophobic RoTrac® Track-Etched Membranes to allow sterilization with gamma rays without losing their specific properties. In the automotive sector our RoTrac® Membranes protect e.g. small motors or electronic control units reliably against penetration by water. Unlike other membrane types the controlled airflow of RoTrac® Membranes allows a reliable leak test of the end product.