Ensure ultra-precise membrane parameters for reproducible cell growth
Cell culture

Cell culture inserts are widely used for either cell growth for R&D applications, drug testing or used for in vitro analysis. Our track-etched membranes fit the application well, given the wide variability in membrane thickness and pore size needed to regulate the nutrient media transport to the cells that facilitates the correct growth. The inserts are widely used for either screening or distinct cell growth projects.

We offer a variety of cell culture inserts based on either a standard hanging design for three well sizes (6-, 12- and 24-well inserts) or as a customized design per customer-specific requirements. All cell culture inserts can be manufactured with a variety of Unique-Mem track-etched membranes and are bonded directly to the insert. The combination of the membrane sealing process with the Unique-Mem membrane creates a strong bond between the membrane and a perfectly smooth membrane surface, possible even for large inserts. If in-house manufacturing is preferred, Unique-Mem membranes can also be supplied as pre-treated rollstock.

Tissue and large cell cultivation/growth is an area of increased interest, which can either be performed in standard cell culture inserts for use in cosmetics, analytics and R&D projects or also in special bigger cell culture formats like rectangular or round versions with growth areas of up to 100 cm2. These customized rectangular inserts are used for tissue engineering, such as growing human skin for burn patients.

Key Benefits

  • 100% Free of PFOA: Compliant with (EC) 1907/2006 REACH / Regulation (EU) 2019/1021 POP
  • Highly precise membrane parameters for reproducible cell growth
  • High variability of pore size and density (standard and customized if required)
  • Stable against Gamma and X-ray sterilization procedures
  • Hydrophilicity is adjustable

Technical Specifications

Materials offered:

PET Unique-Mem track-etched membranes (unsupported)

Available Options

Pore sizes0.2 µm up to 8.0 µm
Well formats6, 12 and 24 well formats or tailored to customer specification
HydrophilicityAll membranes are hydrophilic, and can be increased with special coating.
Other treatmentsCan be cell-culture treated
Temperature range– 40 to +150 °C
StabilityStable against Gamma- and X-ray irradiation (and E-beam radiation)

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