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Venting Solutions

Broad portfolio of venting options to meet customer-specific needs around air flow and water entry pressure

Venting processes are critical to the proper function of both high-tech and low-tech devices that are used everyday. Whether to relieve pressure, allow for cooling, or protect contents from the external environment, vents allow for proper functioning and maximized lifespan for electronics and other sealed or closed systems. Oxyphen membranes and membrane assemblies solve venting challenges in automotive, healthcare and industrial applications.


In the challenging automotive environment, protection against outside water and dirt is key, while a stable pressure compensation or active venting function is needed to avoid damages or even failures of electronic components over lifetime. Oxyphens products are used widely to protect all kinds of sensors and actuators with various housing types in all vehicles.

Oxyphen has the technology and products to solve the above mentioned functional needs on a high quality level to secure the electronic parts over lifetime. With our experience for automotive and electronic application, we have the expertise to choose the best membrane solution from our existing and approved portfolio or develop a customized solutions for individual requirements.


When a customer is seeking a highly reliable and stable venting solution, Oxyphen is the right partner. Our Track etched membranes not only enable a consistent air flow and high protection levels, but also allow for easiest possible sterilization methods like Gamma and X-ray sterilization in closed containers. Where ever needed, Oxyphens supreme control of the pore size allows the usage of the membrane as sterile venting application.

Oxyphen solve customers’ problems with high quality membranes with reliable parameters. With distinct pore sizes for various applications with pore sizes as small as 0.1 micron to fulfill sterile venting function. To get excellent mounting solutions either using ultrasonic welding or adhesive technologies from Oxyphen are stable against Gamma and X-ray irradiation, hence reliable and easy sterilization of fully assembled possible devices.

Industrial Venting


Venting solutions for application of daily use where a protection against either leakage or entry of media is required for the stable and reliable function of the devices.

Oxyphen membrane technology enables the pressure balancing and max protection of the application. The wide range of available specifications makes it easy to find the right solution within the portfolio of the Oxyphen track-etched membranes.

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