Protect your automotive electronics from outside water and dirt with a broad spectrum of automotive-specific membranes

In the challenging automotive environment, protection against outside water and dirt is key, while a stable pressure compensation or active venting function is needed to avoid damage or even failure of electronic components over the vehicle’s lifetime. Oxyphen’s products are used widely to protect all kinds of sensors and actuators with various housing types in all vehicles.

Oxyphen has the technology and products to solve your automotive venting needs with high quality to protect your electronics parts over their lifetime. With our experience for automotive and electronic applications, we have the expertise to choose the best membrane solution from our existing and approved portfolio or develop a customized solution for your individual requirements.

Headlight venting

Automotive venting

Venting applications are increasingly more important in the automotive segment. Headlamp assembly systems require a specific airflow in order to cool the system and to prevent condensation of moisture; however, liquids and dirt particles are not allowed to enter the lamp assembly. This challenge can be easily solved with our hydrophobic fiber-based membranes.

Cleaning agent packaging & spray nozzles

Industrial venting

Oxyphen membrane technology enables equalization of pressure and maximum protection of your product. The wide range of available specifications makes it easy to find the right solution within the portfolio of our track-etched membranes.