Manufacturing of Unique-Mem® Track-Etched Membranes



The technology to produce our track-etched membranes is mainly based on two steps: ion bombardment and chemical etching of polymer films.

In a first step a standard film out of polyester or polycarbonate is bombarded with heavy ions, so that a damage - so called tracks - on the film is caused. This step determines the number of pores per cm2, the pore density. The pore density of our membranes is generally between 105 to 109 pores per cm2. In a further part of the process the film undergoes chemical etching. In this process cylindrical pores develop exactly in the places where the film has been damaged before by the ion bombardment. This step determines the diameter of the pores. The pore diameter of our membranes lies between 0.1 µm and 10.0 µm.

After both production steps a basic membrane can – depending on the requirements – be additionally treated with different surface coatings as for instance:

  • Hydrophobic treatment

  • PVP coating

  • Plasma- or corona treatment